14. Jun, 2018

24 beautiful Ockis went to Clinique Dr. Bohler today.

10. Apr, 2018

Today Clinique Dr. Bohler got 24 sweet little Ockis

6. Mär, 2018

40 new Ockis and 3 pairs of Ockis for twins, went to CHL-Kannerklinik today.

1. Feb, 2018

Clinique Dr. Bohler got 20 new Ockis today.

27. Nov, 2017

Today Kannerklinik got 40 and Clinique Dr. Bohler got 20 new Ockis.

23. Sep, 2017

Francesca Taiana in Tavernero , Italy, has send us 2 sweet Ockis. Thank you very much.

14. Sep, 2017

Nathalie and the preemies at Kannerklinik got 40 new Ockis today

11. Sep, 2017

Today Clinique Dr. Bohler got 20 beautiful Ockis for their preemies.

Next Ocki meeting

Next meeting will be on June 26th at 13.30 at Sannes Place



  • Thank you very much to Josee from Ösling, who have given us 15 balls of cotton yarn.

  • Ockis from Handarbechttreff Kehlen April 2018

Hobbymarket in Bertrange

This year was the 25th edition of Bartringer Musek's Hobby Market. They had chosen to go back to its former hobby market, ie a market of 2 days. We also had a stand this year and thanks to all of you who participated in one way or another. Unfortunately, there were not as many visitors as you could have hoped for, but all in all a good weekend.
We had our stand next to Jan, who stood with his metal figures. Jans's stand was voted the best of all other exhibitors. Congratulations!

  • "Birthdaycake"