Ocki - Lux in 2019


We have now been working on crocheting for 5 years. It also means that Ella is now five years old.

 It has gone really well with her for the first 5 years. She has no consequences of the premature birth. She is smart, speaks 3 languages and behaves like an ordinary girl, and is altogether of age-appropriate.
 Ella started in preschool in September, and is already reading and writing.

 We have received a lot of support for our Ocki group. New crotcheteers are still coming to our Ocki-meetings. We have also been visiting various hobby groups around the country, all of whom would like to crochet Ockis. We regularly get the finished Ockis return, and it is always a great joy. At the Neonatal stations, they are happy with the Ockis.Most parents leave the Ocki with the baby.

 We now also crochet small Tröste mouses, which are given to children in the intensive care unit at CHL Kannerklinik 

We support the association "Trøstemus.dk", - an organization in Denmark consisting of volunteers all over the country, crocheting small mice to all hospital departments in Denmark, where children come into contact with the hospital service. Including the emergency services.


During the year we have received a lot of yarn from people who want to support the good cause.

At the end of the year we also got 2 boxes of cotton yarn from Sandra Kayser / Minimasworld and company G.Brouwer & Zn BV in the Netherlands.

A big thank you to everyone who helped support our Ocki project here in Luxembourg. Both as active crochets or otherwise.

  • Ocki in all shapes and colours

  • On the way to the clinique

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If you have cotton yarn , which you no longer need, we would like to receive it. Or maybe you want to crochet with us. The group annually make about 350 Ockis, which we donate to premature children at CHLKannerklinik, Neonatal Department and Clinique Dr. Bohler in Luxembourg.



Our new logo is designed by Stine Gram from Silkeborg. Stine has among other things illustrated Danish children's books.